Fitness Friday Product Reviews

    Butt and Core Workout

    March 24, 2017


    • Hip Thrusts/Glute Bridge – Weighted (20 reps/ 3 sets)
    • Lunges – Weighted (20 reps/ 3 sets)
    • Jumping Squats (15 reps/ 3 sets)
    • Donkey Kicks (20 reps each side/ 3 sets)
    • Fire Hydrants (20 reps each side/ 3 sets)


    • Leg Lifts (20 reps/ 3 sets)
    • Flutter Kicks (30 reps/ 3 sets)
    • Reverse Crunches (15 reps/ 3 sets)
    • Leg Circles (5 reps each direction/ 3 sets)
    • Side Planks (30 seconds each side/ 3 sets)


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