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2016 Fall Fashion Trends

November 14, 2016

Hi readers,
Another blog post about some fall outfits that you may want to add to your closet! Here are some cute trends I have been noticing and where you can purchase these outfits.


This is a Long Sleeve Velvet Choker Bodysuit that can be purchased at Dynamite for $39.95 CAD. Body suits have become a trend recently, along with the velvet material and the choker neckline. This outfit is really trendy right now. If you click the link, you will notice that they paired this body suit with light blue jeans. Check it out!


If you’re not into the whole body suit thing, which TBH can be a little uncomfortable at times, and makes it harder when you need to use the rest room…here is another choker neckline but just as a t-shirt. Again this is from Dynamite for $49.95 CAD.


Another cute top from Dynamite for $129.95 CAD! The cold shoulder top is also trending. The shirt can be casual, or by adding a big necklace, can be a little more dressed up. This top also comes in burgundy. 


This is a velvet v-back bodycon dress at Dynamite for $59.95 CAD. This dress would be plain if it wan’t made of velvet material and didn’t have the v-bavk. A pair of coloured heels (red, blue, pink, etc.) with a matching coloured clutch would look so cute together. Right now they have a sale, buy one dress and get the other 50% off.


Thigh-high boots have been trending for a while now! This pair is from Forever 21 for $52.90 CAD. They come in black or brown. Pair these with a loose fitting dress and you’re good to go!


This Deep Lace-Up Top is from Forever 21 for $24.90 CAD. It comes in black and taupe. Lace up tops are trending, I also like the choker necklace that was added to this look! If you’re comfortable going bra-less, this is a cute option!


This Moon Faux Suede Choker is from Forever 21 for $6.90 CAD. Like I said before chokers are back in trend and you should purchase a few, if you haven’t already! Other places to purchase a choker are Ardene‘s and Claires.

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