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2016, The Year of the Lob

April 24, 2016

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It’s amazing how you can track time based on clothing or hair, granted this isn’t always unnamedthe case as some styles come in and out. However a style that is here to take over this year is the long bob, or the LOB style, I have also heard stylists refer to it as the long a-line bob cut as well. We are seeing it happen slowly in Hollywood, celebrities are ditching their long locks for shorter styles. A perfect example of this is in 2013 when it seemed everyone was going Pixie. Everyone including Jennifer Lawrence, Pamela Anderson, Jennifer Hudson, and even Shailene Woodley took part in this huge trend! I often find myself already having the “it style” of the moment, this also happened in 2013! Here I am with my own Pixie, this was a few weeks after the first cut the back was much shorter to start.

A bob cut or bob for those who might not know is a short haircut for women (and unnamed (1)occasionally men) in which the hair is typically cut straight around the head at about jaw-level, often with a fringe (or “bangs”) at the front. With that information I would define my hair cut as a mix of LOB and a longer A-line. The difference is debatable by stylists and who knows maybe my hair is a different cut all together, however I do know that Hollywood is also noticing this combo of cuts. Stars who cut their hair to a pixie are definitely going to be sporting some type of LOB. After my hair grew past the awkward over the ear stage I played around with the first bob I had. This was Easter last year.


When deciding to go with the trend or to not follow the “it style”, keep this in mind. The LOB is perfect for anyone wanting to keep their long hair just not maintain it. With the LOB you are able to have the appearance of longer hair with only half the head needing to be styled. From behind you will appear to have short hair, from the front a medium length is shown.


I can’t express how often I get complimented on my hair cut, people often say it reminds them of Princess Leia! I have been working on this cut for over a year, growing from a short pixie. I find the deepness of the “V” makes all the difference. Notice in my hair I have about a 6 inch difference from the back end of the cut to the bottom of the front.


Looking back over the years at my hair, like MANY women I have made my hair work to stay on me. I have colored it from blue to black and everything between, I’ve had hair that touched the back of my knee and hair so short people asked me if I was a women. The best thing about having the LOB isn’t the compliments received its the confidence it gives you with having something so unique.

Would you ever try this style?

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