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April 2016 Favourites

May 3, 2016

Because I have been on a no-makeup-buy this month I haven’t found new product loves but have rediscovered old products in my collection that I used to be obsessed with. Not buying new makeup this month was really hard in the beginning but it got easier as the month progressed and now I think I might extend my no-buy into May as well. I’d love to actually finish a product before using a new one because I think it would be really satisfying.

Kylie Cosmetics, Koko K Lip Kit

Check out my review of this product here.

This is my current favourite lipstick because it stays on for hours without needing to be touched up and it makes it so easy to over-line my lips and make them look bigger.

Becca Cosmetics, Champagne PopIMG_6034.JPG

Link to product on Sephora’s website here. I also made a post on my highlight collection with a short review on each product which you can find here.

This has been my favourite highlighter since I purchased it last summer. I find this product looks more flattering on me when I have more of a tan. Mine is looking a little beat up and I’ve made quite a dent in it this past year so you can obviously tell it has been well-loved. I have recommended this product to so many of my friends because it is so beautiful and my absolute favourite and it is super flattering on everyone I’ve seen it on.

IMG_6036.JPGBenefit Cosmetics, Hoola Bronzer

Link to product on Sephora’s website here.

This was the first bronzer I ever used when I started wearing makeup and since then I’ve tried a lot more bronzers but I always come back to the Benefit Hoola Bronzer. Out of all the bronzers I’ve tried the Hoola Bronzer is the most flattering both when I’m pale and when I have a tan, it never looks too ashy or muddy on me. This product always warms up my pale skin and gives me the perfect amount of colour and always looks really natural.

IMG_6032.JPGMaybelline, Master Hi-Light 20 Pink Rose Blush

This blush is so beautiful because it comes off as a baby pink colour with a slight sheen which makes my cheeks look glowy and healthy. If I want flushed, light pink cheeks I always grab this product over my other high-end blushes because this product is so flattering. This product has different shades of pink weaved together to create a light luminous pink glow when all the shades are swirled together.

Calvin Klein, CK2 Perfume

I was given this perfume from a friend, you can find her blog at Tonya Talks Beauty. This product is marketed as a unisex fragrance. On the Calvin Klein website the fragrance is described as, ck2 is a new gender-free fragrance for men and women that embodies the thrill of life and celebrates the diversity of connections between two people. You can find Calvin Klein’s campaign video for the fragrance here. This fragrance smells woody yet fresh and clean at the same time, some scents remind me of certain things and this scent reminds me of Spring/Summer. This scent can smell more masculine or feminine depending on who is wearing it, which is kind of crazy and I love it. The packaging of this perfume is really unique so it looks really cool displayed with my other perfumes.

IMG_6037.JPGDove, Dry Spray Deodorant

I have really sensitive underarms and the only brand I’ve found with deodorant products that don’t give me a rash is Dove. I used to use their “Go Sleeveless” line of solid stick deodorants but I really liked the idea of a spray deodorant. This product doesn’t leave any white marks on my clothes and I don’t have to wait for it to dry before I can get dressed because it is dry immediately after application. The only difficult part is making sure you hold the spray far enough away and don’t use too much product. If you accidentally use too much of this product you will find that it feels wet and it will bunch up and be kind of uncomfortable, but if this happens you can just wipe some of it away and it will be fine. I purchased the scent revive, I think next time I will get the unscented version because scented deodorants don’t really matter to me and then I worry about them clashing with whatever perfume scent I am wearing that day.

Music Favourites: OctaHate by Ryn Weaver and Hypnotic by Zella Day.

TV Show and Movie Favourites:  Scandal (Team Fitz!!)

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