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Five Small But Important Things To Remember When Wearing a Tight Pink Dress

August 21, 2017

Hi Readers,

This week I put together a more dressed up look. I really had no occasion to wear this outfit, other than the fact that I needed to take blog post pictures. (But if you know me, you know that I like being dressed up for any occasion) I really like this dress, I think that it is cute and sexy at the same time.
Wearing underwear is sort of a problem with this outfit, as you can see the lines through the tight dress. However, if you purchase “no show” underwear, that aren’t too tight to your body, it will hide the lines. I suggest doing this, as the dress is very short and rides up OFTEN!


I am wearing…
Dress: Urban Planet
Shoes: Aldo
Watch: Fossil
Purse: Kate Spade

Five Things to Remember:

  1. Wear a nude coloured bra. This way when the chest area is stretched out, you will not be able to see the bra underneath.
  2. Wear “no show” panties. Due to the dress being so tight, this will not allow any underwear lines to be shown. Usually the rule with tight clothing is to wear a thong, this is even less visibility of underwear lines.
  3. Let your deodorant/antiperspirant dry before putting the dress on. Due to the colour and the tight sleeves underneath the armpits of this dress, it will look like you have sweat marks if you don’t let it dry.
  4. Nude shoes match perfectly with light pink in the summer. Black matches everything, so you could also wear black shoes. Always making sure that the accessories match the shoes.
  5. Wear a necklace. The dress doesn’t have a great pattern to it, so make sure to add a little extra by wearing a necklace!

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