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Do you want to be featured on a new and quickly growing blog? Do you have great and creative ideas that you want to share with a different audience? Do you want to be featured in my new Guest Blogger Sunday posts? If you answered yes to any or all of those questions then you’ve come to the right place!

Here are the list of requirements I would like to see in your post to be featured on my blog:

  1. No cursing! Let’s keep it clean folks!
  2. Your post must contain original photos taken by yourself. Make sure your images are creative, well-focused and bright. Try using natural sunlight, it is the best kind of lighting.
  3. Original content. Try to come up with a post on a topic or product that I have not already done on my blog.
  4. Around 300 – 500 words. Really give me the details about the product or topic of your post. Hit all the parts of a product, for example, scent, packaging, colour and price.
  5. Add a disclaimer at the end of your blog that states that the views and opinions stated are of yourself and do not necessarily reflect the views and opinions of Sincerely, Juliette.
  6. Add a bio at the beginning of your post to introduce yourself and tell my followers a little about yourself. Make sure to also add a link to your blog and social media handles.
  7. Be creative and really let your individual style shine through!
  8. In being selected and submitting your post to me, I then have the right to make small edits, proofread and format your post. Any large editing or stylistic issues will be run by you before I make those changes. EX. One awkward sentence that needs rewording is a small edit, versus, an entire paragraph that does not flow well, that being a large editing issue and will be fixed by you.
  9. In submitting your post to me to be featured on my blog the rights to that post then belong to Sincerely, Juliette and you may not reuse that post on your, or another, blog. (Unless it is for promotional purposes to let your followers know to check it out.)

I can’t wait to hear from you guys and read your ideas for some awesome blog posts. If you’d like to be considered to be one of my guest bloggers send me an e-mail at and follow me on social media to get a sense of what I’m about. If you are selected to be a guest blogger it would be great if you could share your post on my blog with your social media as I will be doing the same, so we can promote each other in the blogging community.

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