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My Hair Care Routine: Products and Stylers

April 28, 2016

Hi Everyone!

Here is a list of my favourite hair products and stylers and how I use them.


John Frieda, Visibly Deeper Brunette (Check out my review of this product here)



John Frieda, Visibly Deeper Brunette (Check out my review of this product here)


Hair Mask:

Coconut oil! I don’t have a favourite hair mask other than coconut oil because I haven’t been able to find one that works for me. 🙁 So if you have any product recommendations for a hair mask then leave me a comment, I’d love to try anything! (My hair is colour-treated, dry, damaged, and lacking volume.)

I like to put coconut oil in my hair once a week right before I go to bed. I coat all of my hair from root to tip in coconut oil and then wrap my head in an old t-shirt so it doesn’t get all over my pillow, let it sit over night and shampoo and condition as normal in the morning.

I don’t have a picture of the coconut oil I use because I took whatever was left in the container and put it in a smaller tupperware container, but I use whatever coconut oil is cheapest at the grocery store, nothing special.

Leave-In Spray:

Uniq One, All in One Hair Treatment (Original and Coconut Scent)


I absolutely loooooooooove this product. It has been my favourite leave-in treatment for years and I’ve continuously repurchased it every time I finish a bottle. I love the coconut scented one but I haven’t been able to find it lately so I’ve been using the original one which has a bit of a perfume scent but I like it and it keeps my hair smelling great for a long time. This product makes my hair shiny, gives it body and keeps it from getting tangled throughout the day. I use this product every time I wash my hair, I spray it all over my hair and then brush it through and let my hair air-dry. I used to buy this product from my hair dressers but they have recently been carrying it at Shoppers Drug Mart for about $20 CAD.

Dry Shampoo:

Batiste, Coconut and Exotic Tropical Scent


This is my favourite dry shampoo and my favourite scent from Batiste, I’ve tried a few other scents from Batiste but this one is the best. If you haven’t been able to tell yet my favourite scents ever are coconut/tropical scents. This product gives my hair body and volume and it makes my hair look and smell clean, my hair gets oily very quickly and I wash my hair every other day so this product keeps my second-day hair looking fresh.I usually but this product at my local Shoppers Drug Mart but I have seen it for a lot cheaper at Winners.

Texturizing/Finishing Spray:

Garnier Fructis, De-Constructed Texture Tease Dry Touch Finishing Spray


I don’t like using hair spray on my hair because I find it makes my hair sticky and crunchy and it weighs it down, I like for my hair to still be able to move but have some texture and volume and this product is absolutely perfect for everything I want. This product kind of has a fruity perfume smell, I spray this product first all over my hair and then under a few sections closer to the top of my hair to add volume and then work it in with my fingers and its done! I have really fine limp hair so a product like this is great for adding some texture and body without the feel of hairspray. I also use this product the way you would use hairspray. After curling my hair I spray this product all over to set the curls in place and it does a great job of holding them without them being weighed down and feeling crunchy. When I use this product I can still touch my hair and run my fingers through it without it feeling sticky which is great because I hate feeling like I have a ton of product in my hair. I picked up this product at my local Shoppers Drug Mart and it goes on sale quite often so I believe when I purchased it, it was somewhere between $2-$4 CAD.

Hair Brush:

Wet Brush (link to product on Amazon here)


I picked up my wet brushes off Amazon for about $10 CAD. I keep one brush at home and one in the bag I take to work. These brushes are so simple but so effective at combing through wet hair without tugging at any knots or pulling and breaking any hairs.

Curling Wand:

Sephora Collection, Sculpt: Curling Wand 1″ (link to the product on Sephora’s website here)



This wand received great reviews on the Sephora website so my boyfriend got it for me for valentines day. This wand heats up so quickly and my hair holds the curl so well, my only complaint with this wand is that I have burnt myself on it so many times. Because this wand heats up really hot it gives me really bad burns that take forever to heal. But that’s my own fault not the fault of the product.



Thanks for reading! If you have any suggestions for products you think would work well for my hair leave me a comment and let me know!


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