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Happy Halloween 2017

October 30, 2017

Hello Readers,

Halloween is tomorrow! Hopefully by this time everyone will have their costumes picked out!

Halloweekend has just passed and I decided to dress up as Dead Barbie.


This was my first year purchasing colour contacts, and I found a pair of white ones that don’t cover my pupil. Having these, I wanted to dress up as something that was dead. This costume was very last minute for me, I ended up pulling a shirt out of my closet and drawing “Barbie” across it. To do this, I first drew the words on a shoe box. My next step was to put the shirt stretched out over the shoe box, and aligned the words into the middle. I traced the letters, and got the final result!

My friend put a green light in her washroom, I thought that this looked REALLY cool with my contacts!


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