How I Clean My Makeup Brushes and Beauty Sponges

May 10, 2016

Hi Everyone!

IMG_6063Today I am going to share with you how I clean my makeup brushes and beauty sponges. Most of my brushes are from Morphe, which are my favourite, but a few are more expensive ones from random brands at Sephora. I have two beauty blenders and one Real Techniques miracle complexion sponge, I like both sponges equally so I’ll continue to purchase the Real Techniques version because it is way cheaper (I get mine from Amazon here). I’m not going to go in depth into my favourite brushes because that will be in a new post coming soon.

To clean my brushes I use the Beauty Blender blendercleanser solid and the Beauty Blender liquid blendercleanser. Today I just used the blendercleanser solid for my sponges and brushes, although I don’t clean my brushes as often as I should I try to clean them once every two weeks or so.

IMG_6097I start by wetting the brush then rubbing it against the blendercleanser solid after the brush is covered in the cleanser I rub it around in the palm of my hand and then continue to swirl it around in my palm under the running tap to clean all the makeup and cleanser off the brush. I usually only need to do this process once per brush unless I used it for an eyeliner or eyebrow pomade and then it might take another repeat of those steps to get all the makeup off the brush.

To clean my beauty sponges I wet them first and then rub them on the blendercleanser solid and then work the cleanser into the sponge and then run them under the water and squeeze them repeatedly until the water runs clear and there is no makeup or cleanser left in the sponge.

Tenwa BrushAfter all the cleanser and makeup is off each brush I run it across a towel to get all the excess water out of the brush. After the excess water is out of the brush I lay them flat on a clean dry towel on my dresser to dry overnight. It’s important not to set your brushes straight up after cleaning them because the water is still in the bristles and can drip down into the ferrule of the brush (the metal piece that hold the bristles of the brush onto the wood handle) and cause the glue that holds your brush together to loosen and you can ruin your brushes.



Thanks for reading! Leave me a comment and let me know if you have another way of cleaning your brushes!

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