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How-To Motivate Yourself To Exercise

May 13, 2016

Hey everyone!

I’m so excited to be joining Sincerely Juliette’s team! As Katelyn mentioned I am a fairly active person, and I love to try new things, and go on adventures. Every Friday I will be writing about one of my adventures, a great recipe that I’ve found, or a review on a workout plan.  I will do my best to keep my posts nice and simple so hopefully those of you who are looking at trying something new, will finally have the confidence to go for it.  If you guys are looking for a starting point  I would highly recommend playing a sport! When you’re playing a sport you don’t realize how much moving around you are actually doing. It is so much easier to push yourself because there is a short-term goal in sight: winning. When you’re playing sports you are motivated by your teammates and your opponents to run faster, practice more, and to give your 100%, because if you don’t you are not only letting yourself down but also your team.  Trust me when I say it’s a good thing to be held accountable (it’s like someone constantly kicking your butt and telling you to get going).  If you are looking to get involved in a team sport I highly recommend googling what Co-Ed sports programs are out there. The sports they have available range from dodge ball, frisbee, soccer, volleyball, baseball, and even some leagues have a multi-sport option.  Below are some of the Co-Ed sports programs for the KW and surrounding area


Thanks for reading!


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