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January 5, 2017

Hi Everyone,

I recently received another Influenster VoxBox full of products to test out and review. This VoxBox contained IGK hair products which are currently carried by Sephora. I received the Smoke and Mirrors Conditioning Cleansing Oil, Rich Kid Coconut Oil Gel, and the Beach Club Texture Spray.

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Smoke and Mirrors Cleansing Conditioning OilSmoke and Mirrors Conditioning Cleansing Oil

This product was the biggest disappointment for me because I was most excited to try it. On the Sephora website they claim: “This innovative formula gently cleanses hair by removing product buildup and neutralizing odors. Its blend of natural oils and vitamins adds intense moisture and keeps hair feeling soft and supple while imparting exceptional shine. Perfect for anyone looking for their healthiest lengths ever—especially those with color-treated hair, dry scalps, or unruly curls—it takes the place of your regular shampoo and conditioner. Coconut oil nourishes and strengthens hair, while sweet almond oil, one of the best oils for hair, helps damaged and dull hair become shinier and stronger.”

I’ll start by saying this product smells amazing, the packing is pretty cool and I love that it has a pump top. I have colour-treated hair and a dry scalp and although I found it very gentle on my hair I didn’t find it as moisturizing as it claimed to be for my dry scalp nor did I see it washing away the impurities or built up products from my hair. I did notice my hair looked really shiny but that I also had to use a lot more product than the bottle said I needed for my shoulder length hair. I found the scent of the product lasted a full day, my hair smelled great and made it a lot easier to style and hold a curl in my usually pin-straight hair.

I used this product as suggested, a dime-sized amount as a replacement for both my shampoo and conditioner on a regular basis and found it did not completely clean my scalp. I have continued to use this product only on days that I know I will be curling my hair and want my style to last for a long time. I do not plan on purchasing this product in the future.

Rich Kid Coconut Oil GelRich Kid Coconut Oil Gel

I was really surprised with how much I loved this product because I usually dislike these types of gels as they weigh down my hair, making it look greasy and feel crunchy. This product is listed on the Sephora website as claiming to be: “Inspired by the international jet set kids, Rich Kid’s moisturizing properties give you the hair you’ve always wanted. Reap the nourishing benefits of coconut oil in a weightless formula that moisturizes and conditions, leaving hair with a natural luster and softness. Ideal for fine to normal hair, it replenishes lost nutrients that could cause hair to be weak, dry, or damaged.”

This product also smells amazing and it has micro-shimmer particles that make your hair look extremely shiny. I use a quarter-sized amount of this product and apply it to towel-dried hair, making sure to keep it off the roots of my hair. This makes my hair very soft and gives it a slight bit of texture and volume so it didn’t dry as straight and limp as it usually does.

I am absolutely loving this product and I definitely plan on purchasing it when I run out.

Beach Club Texture SprayBeach Club Texture Spray

I’ve been loving texture sprays the past year because it helps my usually fine, limp hair gain some volume. This spray has knocked my previous favourite out of first place and it’s the only spray I’ve used since I received it. This product is listed on Sephora’s website as claiming to: “Want that surf-and-sand kind of hair? This versatile texture spray can be used on wet or dry hair for your specific needs. Formulated to add volume and texture to hair to create a sexy, wind-blown look, it also adds fullness, hold, and a cool, matte finish. Glycerin helps to lock in moisture, preventing hair from drying out, while hydrolyzed wheat protein adds natural body to the hair.”

I have not tried this product on wet hair but have used it on dry hair to hold curls as well as add more volume to a limp pony tail or put some body in my straight hair if I leave it down. I love that this product gives my hair texture without making it crunchy or sticky and feels almost like a salt spray. This product does smell great but can be over-powering when first applied to the hair. The packaging of this product is great and the spray top makes it really easy to use.

The formula of this product is fantastic and the scent is awesome. I will definitely be purchasing this product when I run out.

IGK Influenster VoxBoxFinal Thoughts

I have tried all three products on their own and in conjunction with each other and have determined that both the Rich Kid Coconut Oil Gel and the Beach Club Texture Spray are worth the money but that the Smoke and Mirrors Cleansing Conditioning Oil did not work for my hair the way it claimed to and is something I wouldn’t spend my money on.

I hope my review was helpful for anyone contemplating purchasing any of these products, let me know in the comments if you have tried any of these products or if you plan on trying them after this review.

Disclaimer: These products were sent to me for testing purposes but all opinions stated are my own.

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    Thanks for the review! I’ve been curious about IGK. I’m going to have to check it out!

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      Thanks for reading! I’m glad you enjoyed it. 🙂

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