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September 5, 2016

Hi Readers,

Like most people, I use my keys every day. I want my keychain to be stylish but small. This is what it looks like…!


This is the focal point of my keychain. The puff ball is not only so cute but makes finding my keys in my purse SO much easier! You can purchase a puff ball on Amazon for $2.08 – $4.99 plus shipping CAD, or if you want better quality for a small fortune they can be purchased from Micheal Kors for $48 – $78 plus shipping CAD. I bought mine from Walmart, it cost me about $6- $10 CAD, I can’t remember exactly. I have also seen women put puff balls on their purse, which is super cute! My purse has gold and my puff ball chain is silver so I don’t like to keep them together!


I bought my Açores Gold anchor charm from the João Paula II Airport in São Miguel, Açores. This charm means a lot to me, as it keeps a little bit of Portugal with me every where the I go!


I am a certified as a National Lifeguard. And I am proud to share that so I keep this on my keychain!


I received this on orientation day at Conestoga College 2 years ago, and it comes in handy. Even though this is on my keychain..I do not drink and drive!

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