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Kylie Cosmetics Birthday Collection Dark Bronze Liner

August 30, 2016
Kylie Cosmetics Birthday Edition Dark Bronze Liner

Hi Everyone,

Dark Bronze KylinerI bought into the hype and got the Kylie Cosmetics Birthday Collection Dark Bronze Liner. I’m really impressed with the formula of this liner and I really like the colour as well. I do wish the colour came out darker on the first application and I do have to go over it twice to build it up to the intensity I want. It’s really cool that you get a gel liner as well as a pencil liner that is extremely creamy and not harsh on your eyes. I love using the pencil on my upper lash line to make it soft and smudged out, or on my lower lash line to make the eye look darker and smokier. I’m not a big fan of the brush that came with the Kyliner kit, I find it too thick and soft so I cant get the thin sharp wing that I want with that brush.

I wore the gel liner on my upper lashes and the pencil liner on my lower lashes all day on a very hot and humid day and it stayed really well all day. My eyes are really sensitive and they water really often which usually smudges my winged liner but this liner stayed sharp all day and didn’t smudge at all, I am very impressed with how great the formula of this product and it’s longevity.

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    love bronze liner!

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