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New Lifestyle Portion to my Blog!

April 12, 2016

I have a new blogger named Ginny who will be posting here on Wednesdays at 8 AM EST about lifestyle topics. I’m so excited to be adding her style and flare to my blog with some really thought provoking works and inspirational stories. I hope to make Ginny an integral part of my blogging career in the future and I can’t wait to read the works she has to offer and see where this endeavor takes us and I know you’ll all love what she has to say!

Ginny is a geography graduate with a passion for mixed media. Ginny has a unique style IMG_5923that draws people into her bubbly personality. Her amazing and inspiring paintings embody some of her favourite things and the things that motivate her like the first warm days of spring and late evening sunsets. One of Ginny’s best pieces of artistic and photographic advice is the “Golden Hour” for snapping pictures, 6 PM- 8 PM.

Ginny Quote:

“Art is like taking a bite out of a big red apple, refreshing, sweet and good for you. Art is the one thing that everybody needs and something that needs to be embraced. I try to look at art as a medicine or even a cure. Something we need when we get sick or feel down. When I do my artwork, I am releasing all my negative energy and converting it into something good. My art flows, like an ocean wave, or a swirl of Vincent Van Gough’s Starry Night. I like movement, expanding my mind and creating my visions and dreams. I do art for me, myself and I.”

If you’d like to see more of Ginny check out her social medias:

Instagram: @gmpinta

Pinterest: gmpinta

Tumblr: theboys-ofsummer

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    Looking forward to this!

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