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January 23, 2018

Hi Everyone!

I was kindly sent some of the new products from the Maison Jacynthe product line to test out and review. Maison Jacynthe is a company based out of Quebec and creates products that are 100% natural and vegan. To see my last review of Maison Jacynthe products click here. The packaging of all their products is really great quality and I’ve enjoyed using all the items I’ve tested.


Product Reviews

MaisonJacynthe_9525The first product I tested out is the liquid foundation in (01) beige porcelain.  On the Maison Jacynthe website, this product is described as, “This liquid foundation is easy to apply. Provides a perfect camouflage with an ultra-natural finish. Its light texture gives you a more even tone and its formula, made with borage oil and coffee extracts, will keep your skin moisturized and protected. Soft texture and delicate perfume from argan. This fluid cream is a staple for daily makeup. Available in 5 colours.” This liquid foundation appeared very natural on my skin and had a dewy finish.

MaisonJacynthe_9527The second product I tested is the highlighter in (01) Soleil pétillant. On the Maison Jacynthe website, this product is described as, “This natural highlighter has an excellent hold and gives you a sublime and structured look. Its formula, made with coffee extracts, corn, macadamia oil and apricot, brightens and hydrates the skin. You will love its texture and fine pigments.” I love how pigmented and intense this highlighter is and it stays on my skin all day.

MaisonJacynthe_9528The third product I tested is the perfume vingt deux roll on. On the Maison Jacynthe website, this product is described as, “Oriental and floral fragrances that reveal head notes of spicy bergamot. The heart notes will soften your mood with a subtle marriage between peonies and jacinths. The magnificent base notes, deeply voluptuous, evoke vanilla, sacred benzoin and our emblematic maple syrup. Precious and delicate woods will warm your body and soul with kindness.” This perfume has a really unique scent and I find that it lingers all day, unlike some perfumes that fade and you can’t smell anymore by midway through the day.

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