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OOTD: Revival Tour 2016

May 30, 2016

Hey readers!

Another amazing concert this week, Selena Gomez killed it! Originally I was going to wear red heels similar to the ones I wore last week but I remembered how much my feet hurt and decided against it lol!
Sticky Bra BoxSticky Bra

I found this dress at Forever 21 for $20.00 CAD and fell in love with the way it fit! Due to the back of this dress being low, I had to purchase a sticky bra, I bought a seamless feather-lite push up bra from La Senza. This is my first time buying a sticky bra and I have to say my experience with it wasn’t the greatest. I thought the bra was going to feel weird because of the sticky pads but luckily it didn’t! The bra is easy to put on and doesn’t hurt to take off. However, if I sweat, even just the tiniest bit, the bra would start to peel off. So I found myself constantly sticking the bra back on.

Selena Gomeaz Concert Outift Selena Gomez Concert Outfit (back view) Selena Gomez Concert Outfits

In this picture I am wearing…
Dress: Forever 21 for $20.00 CAD
Shoes: Call it Spring
Clutch: Calvin Klein

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