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Maybelline, Color Tattoo Concentrated Crayon

April 21, 2016

Hi Everyone!

This month (April) I am on a no makeup buy and so far I’ve actually stuck to it which is pretty crazy for me. I am trying to rediscover favourite products in my collection and use up products I already have before buying new ones. A product that I purchased a while ago and was hoping to love is the Maybelline, Colour Tattoo Concentrated Crayon.

I am really disappointed in these products because I had such high hopes for them. Because of the great quality of the Maybelline Colour Tattoo in the pot I was really excited to try the same product in a crayon form because it looked a lot easier and more convenient to apply. I tried applying these products to my eyelids on top of an eye shadow base and on my bare lids. They definitely applied easier on my bare lids but as soon as the WRLQ6678product begins to dry even a bit you can’t layer it because it starts to clump up. I also noticed that every quickly this product bunched up in the creases of my eye as I would open and close my eyes and dried so patchy and clumpy. It’s so strange that these products apply so poorly because when they are swatched on the hand they look absolutely gorgeous. The colour range of these products are great with light to dark shades. All the colours have a shimmery, metallic finish which looks really pretty. When I initially apply the products in a light thin layer they look great, but within an hour they are dried up and clumpy. When I swatched these products on my hand they dried down and stayed put for a long time and did not rub off or transfer and I had to use makeup remover to take them off, so I can see how they could be classified as long wearing but they were just a total let down for me when applied to my eye lids.


I really love the idea and concept of this product but it makes me sad that the product itself isn’t that great. When I buy a new drugstore product that I assume I’ll like I usually get at least two shades, and in this case I wish I hadn’t because it was a waste of money. The shades I purchased are, 700 Barely Beige and 725 Bronze Truffle.

Overall I’d give this product a rating of 4/10. The colours are beautiful but they just don’t work on my lids and they’re a big disappointment.

Let me know in the comments if you guys have tried these products and what you think of them and if you have any tips for application that might help me.

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