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Nivea, In Shower Body Lotion

June 21, 2016

This product is perfect for saving time getting ready and keeping your skin really hydrated with barely any effort. I picked up this product because after taking a shower the last thing I want to do is stand around being cold while I moisturize. I figured that if I could make a step in my morning routine quicker then I would have more time to sleep in the morning. By moisturizing in the shower as opposed to using a body butter after my shower I think I saved myself about 5ish minutes and there is no wait time before getting dressed after your shower. The intended use for this product is to apply it after using all the usual shower products and rinse it off right away. It takes less than 30 seconds to apply it all over my body and rinse it off, it’s so easy! I’ve been using this product every time I’ve showered for about 2 and a half weeks now and I love it so much! I purchased this product for $8.99 CAD at my local Shoppers Drug Mart which is full price but it goes on sale really often. I believe there are two other products in this range that are for normal to dry skin but the one I picked up is for dry to very dry skin.

This product leaves my skin so hydrated and I have noticed a big difference in my dry skin the longer I have consistently used it. I still apply a body butter on days I want extra hydration for my skin but I don’t have to use nearly as much as I used to before finding the Nivea, In-Shower Body Lotion.

Overall I am giving this product a 9.5/10 because I really love it and will definitely be repurchasing it when I run out.

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