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Sephora and MAC Haul UPDATE

July 19, 2016

Hi Everyone!

I’m so excited to finally talk about the new products I got at Sephora and MAC!

So starting off with the mascaras I picked up, the Too Faced Better Than Sex Waterproof Mascara and the Clinique Lash Power Mascara Long-Wearing Formula in Black Onyx. I absolutely love the Clinique Lash Power mascara it lasts a very long time, it never smudges or flakes off and I can wearing it swimming all day and it stays put. The only down-side to the Clinique Lash Power mascara is that it’s hard to take off and I’ve lost a few eyelashes trying to take it off. I’m a little disappointed with the Too Faced Better Than Sex Waterproof mascara, it flakes off if I use it on my bottom lashes and if I sweat during the day it transfers to my top lid. I was hoping that because it’s a waterproof mascara that there would be no transfer from sweat. I don’t love the formula of the waterproof version as much as I love the original version and I don’t find that it really volumizes my lashes like the original Better Than Sex mascara does. So overall I will not be repurchasing the Too Faced Better Than Sex Waterproof mascara but I will definitely continue to repurchase the Clinique Lash Power mascara.

The next product I picked up at Sephora was the Velour Silk Lashes in Fluff’n Edgy. I am totally in love with false lashes after trying this pair on. They are so incredibly comfortable and I am very happy with my purchase. I have gotten about 5 uses out of them so far and they are still in great shape so I hope to get a lot more uses out of them in the future.

The next Sephora products in my haul were the Cover FX Custom Enhancer Drops in Celestial and Sunlight. I really love these products but there are a few things I learned on how to apply them which has been very helpful. The first thing is that they dry really fast so you have to blend quickly before they dry in place, the second thing is that a little goes a long way, it is really easy to overdo it and apply to much product and then it can patch up and the third thing I learned about these products is that you can actually mix them with your foundation as well and you won’t look shiny, like they do when you swatch them. These products are so versatile and I really enjoy playing with them and using them in different ways and I definitely recommend picking up a shade or two.

The products I picked up at MAC were the MAC Cosmetics Lipstick in Creme Cup (Cremesheen) and the MAC Cosmetics Fix+ Spray. I already know I love Fix + because this is the third bottle I have purchased and I use it almost everyday. It’s great as a primer before makeup, as a setting spray after makeup to melt powders together and keep makeup on all day, and great for wetting brushes before applying metallic eye shadows to make them more intense. I’m happy with my purchase of the lipstick in the shade creme cup but I would have liked a paler pinkier nude a bit better so I purchased Haus of Dolls, She Lipstick which should be the shade I have been searching for but it hasn’t come in the mail yet. I don’t really like the cremesheen formula so that could be partially why I’m not in love with creme cup, but it is a really pretty shade.

IMG_6469In this photo I’m wearing almost all the new products I picked up in my haul and you can see the post I created on this makeup look here.

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