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Sincerely, Juliette Bloggers Dinner

June 5, 2016

Hi Everyone!

This past week the girls behind Sincerely, Juliette got together for a home-cooked dinner to discuss business and the future of this blog.

Katelyn cooked a great dinner for the girls, a Chicken Alfredo Baked Ziti.


Katelyn is the founder of the Sincerely, Juliette brand and blog and runs the majority of the blog. Katelyn does the Beauty portion of the blog and creates new posts every Tuesday and Thursday morning. Katelyn has recently graduated school with a BA and is taking the next year off to pay off some student debt and make some future life decisions before going back to school in September 2017.


Ginny does the Lifestyle portion of the blog and creates new posts every Wednesday morning. Ginny has also graduated recently with an Honours BA and is currently looking for jobs in her field.



Melanie does the Fashion portion of the blog and creates new posts every Monday morning. Melanie still attends college and has one year left of her program.



Stephanie does the Fitness portion of the blog and creates new posts every Friday morning. Stephanie is currently working in her dream job but also going to school to finish her degree at the same time (she’s a busy girl).



IMG_6312Thanks for reading! I hope you enjoy the posts we have to offer and feel free to sign-up for e-mail notifications of new posts to stay updated with the Sincerely, Juliette team. Also check out our social medias:

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