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Summer Time = Beach Time

June 17, 2016

Hey there beautiful people! Summer time is finally here and what better way to celebrate then by going to the beach. My friends and I live for the beach. My personal favourite to visit is Grand Bend. I think it is just the cutest little beach town ever! Once you are done laying out in the sun, swimming, and playing around in the sand, its nice to go up and look at all of the cute little shops. My personal favorite is Sea Jewels! I always sScreen Shot 2016-06-17 at 12.24.56 PMtop in there and pick out a new unique piece of jewelry to feed my BOHO style addiction (really though I’m 25 and need to start dressing like an adult not a hippie). You can also get some custom t-shirts for you and your gang to wear ! I also recommend if you are looking for some good food to visit the Growling Gator. They have the best beach food ever! Words of warning, it is normally super busy because it’s so good, so try and call a little early to set a reservation time. The only downside to Grand Bend is that it is always busy, especially on the weekends! If you are planning on making the trip I highly recommend planning on being at the beach no later then 11, because other wise good luck finding a parking spot! Even with all the
Screen Shot 2016-06-17 at 12.25.42 PMhustle and bustle happening around you, when you are on that beach towel laying down with the sun beaming on you, there is nothing more relaxing! Its your own little piece of paradise! One word of warning (and its the lifeguard in me), please never swim alone! Lake Huron is so beautiful and blue, but there are waves and under tows, that if you are not careful could get the best of you. So go convince your friends that the water really isn’t that cold, and once you’re in its fine, so you have a buddy in the water! Just as a tip, if you go out far enough the sand is settled enough that you can take some really great underwater pictures! So my fellow adventurers, with the heat coming in strong this weekend, grab your sunnies, sunscreen, and towel and hit the beach and start working on your tan. Until next week, go out there are have fun !
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