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Time for a New Suit

February 13, 2017

Hey Readers,
I enjoy lane swimming and I am a lifeguard, so I am constantly in a one-piece bathing suit! Usually I don’t order bathing suits online, however, due to the fact that it is winter and out of season, bathing suit shopping isn’t the easiest in store. I checked with the measurements that the websites gave me, and now I am hoping for the best!

I looked for bathing suits on two different websites; Swim Outlet and Jolyn Clothing. Swim Outlet’s bathing suits have some really cool designs, but the material is not as good as Jolyn’s that are 100% polyester. Below are the bathing suits I was choosing from, click the links above to view more!


In love with this open tied-back bathing suit. The colour is awesome and I like the little detail on both sides of the hips!

To purchase for $60.00 US, click here.

I ordered the red Mateo Tie-Back Onesie from the Jolyn website, even though the ones on the swim outlet have really cool patterns, I like the open tie-back and the material is way better! I should get it in 7-14 business days! Woohoo



I am obsessed with being a mermaid, I think that this is the best thing EVER!! To purchase for $39.99, click here.

Mermaid 6


Also offered in a two-piece! I think that it is nicer as a one-piece because it shows more of the pattern. To purchase for $39.99 US, click here.




Camo is Cool! To purchase for $34.00 US, click here.

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