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Top5 Music Recommendations for 4.20.2016

April 20, 2016

Hey Friends,

Someone once told me that I was a “music snob”… And I was secretly flattered.

Personally, I think i’m just a avid music listener with selective taste.

That being said, I love anything with a catchy beat and a thoughtful set of lyrics.

Here are my recommendations to you this week:

*Disclaimer: I can truthfully say that I, Ginny have listened to each album in this list from **start to finish** and enjoyed each of them, and fully recommend them to you!

4.20 music week

No. 1 Crush Songs by Karen O

Personal Favourite: Day Go By (link above). The music video is so dreamy and “first real love”.

Check out: Rapt if you want a angsty breakup tune… Trust. it’s a good one.

No. 2 Telluric by Matt Corby

Personal Favourite: Do You No Harm (link above).

He’s sexy. Plain and simple. And he’s crazy talented. Like he’s a package deal.  Just YouTube more Matt Corby and you will instantly fall in love, like I did.

No. 3 Currents by Tame Impala

Personal Favourite: Less I Know The Better (link above).

It’s very groovy and  so soothing. I enjoyed a very relaxing paint sesh with this album on repeat in the background.

Check Out: Yes, I’m Changing. The Lyrics are inspiring. This cover got me real good as well.

No. 4 Leave Me Alone by Hinds

Personal Favourite: Check out Garden (link above).

OKAY HINDS IS MY FAVOURITE BAND, SO FAR IN 2016!! I have a wild girl crush on them and am totally inspired by them.

Also, this song rocks.

No. 5 Cleopatra by The Lumineers

Personal Favourite: Angela (Link Above)

I listened to this album without interruption and was impressed.  I would recommend this album to a stranger or to a rando at a bar.

Happy Listening and Happy April 20th!




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